2010 February

  • State of the Art Technology Driving Call Centres

    Today callers want first call resolution. They want answers from one call centre operator in one call – not to be transferred from one department to another. We don’t blame them. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to repeat the reason why you’re calling three times over. At the heart of this first call resolution […]

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  • Why Aussies Want Kiwis Taking Their Calls

    These days when Kiwis and Aussies pick up the phone they don’t want to hear someone from overseas on the other line. It’s not very PC but it’s true. And it’s a phenomenon changing the face of call centres worldwide. In the early 2000’s call centres were shifted offshore left right and centre because human […]

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  • Sony Ericsson Australia Case Study,

    When we first started working with Sony Ericsson Australia in 2007 our mandate was to improve their customers’ contact centre experience. We achieved that goal by placing important information at our CSRs fingertips, solving customer queries quickly and efficiently. But what Sony Ericcson didn’t expect was for us to also to cut their costs. A […]

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  • Why Telemarketing beats the Internet hands down

    When Internet and email arrived everyone thought it was the next silver bullet to marketing. But more than a decade on and, with the onset of recession, we’ve found companies coming to us wanting a return to the old fashioned way of marketing – picking up the phone.Last year the biggest transition for companies entering […]

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  • Why Upselling is a No-brainer

    Our clients often ask us what the easiest way to make a sale is. Years of experience have taught us that there are few better selling techniques than the “no-brainer” upsell. What is a no-brainer upsell? The most well known example is the phenomenally successful McDonald’s question: “Would you like fries with that?” It only […]

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