2010 June

  • Agent Interview

    When Zeenat moved to New Zealand from Fiji last year she never believed she would become a call centre agent. Initially shy on the phone, she has risen up the Telnet ranks to monitor other agents in the business as a Quality Assurance Analyst. She speaks below on what it takes to be a Telnet […]

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  • Telnet Signs contract with Greenstone Energy

    I am very pleased to announce that today Telnet signed a contract with Greenstone Energy which will mean that their call centre comes back from the Philippines to be managed by Telnet from our centre in central Auckland. Read more from Greenstone’s website John Chetwynd

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  • Kiwis versus the Aussies

    I have just been reading Dr Catriona Wallace’s Blog about Kiwis and Aussies and since I’m a Kiwi I am passing it on. Click here Dr Wallace is Managing Director of callcentres.net Pty Ltd a research, consulting, analyst and online publishing company dedicated to the Australian and Asia Pacific contact centre and outsourcing industries. Callcentres.net […]

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