2013 March

  • Creating the Census 2013 “Pop up” Contact Centre

    So how does a New Zealand contact centre make space for over 200 additional staff to take a massive hit of additional phone calls over predominantly a 3 day period? Oh, and there is to be no disruption to the existing work handled by the centre…. That was the challenge that Telnet’s IS team was […]

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  • Census Helpline: Managing peak call volumes

    When you accept the contract to manage the help line for a country’s Census you do so with a certain amount of trepidation. The experience is pretty unique. Typically a successful contact centre evolves over time through continuous process improvement both in terms of resourcing to meet expected volumes and delivering a quality experience. With a project […]

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  • Kiwi workers can do anything

    Dominion Post – Business Day – 4 March 2013 Contrary to conventional wisdom all call centres are not on the sub-continent. In fact, down Auckland’s Queen Street you can find about 200 Kiwis taking calls and making calls for New Zealand company Telnet’s clients. Read the Article…  

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