2013 June

  • 40 Stats Shaping the Future of Contact Centres

    I came across some interesting research that highlights the important role contact centres play in retaining customers.  Click here. The article brings home the ongoing importance of focusing on customer satisfaction. At Telnet we call this “The Care Factor” and we measure it with real-time NPS scores obtained via our IVR at the end of each call. […]

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  • New Zealand Calling

    It is good to see growing interest by Australian businesses in New Zealand as a location for their contact centres. View this story by Australian ABC News Video John Chetwynd

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  • New Zealand calling

    ABC News Australia – 13 June 2013 If your business or part of it could be transported somewhere where it could get the same output for at least 30 per cent lower cost, would you think seriously about moving? It is quietly happening with New Zealand as thousands of jobs are off shored and shipped […]

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