2016 December

  • Love your customers

    Do you love your caller? Don’t answer just yet – I know what you’re thinking, I thought it too- but I’m going to try and change your mind. Does Beyonce love her audience? In concert – for sure! She’ll shout it from the roof tops claiming she loves whichever city has come out and paid […]

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  • Employee highlight – Monish Nair

    Name – Monish Nair How long have you been with Telnet? 2 weeks Why Sales? I enjoy interaction, helping people, benefiting people and I had never done Sales before. Favourite part of the job? Helping people What goes through your head when you’re dialing? My mind is blank just waiting for the customer to pick […]

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  • Santa – Why do we love him?

    The Festive Season is upon us! But coming into Christmas, I couldn’t help but notice how excited the world gets. Why? What is so great about Santa? Well, let’s look into how the ‘man-in-the-red-suit’ suit gives such great Customer Experience and leaves us all excited for next year’s visit! He gives us what we want, […]

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  • Employee highlight: Logan Barraclough

    What is your name? Logan Barraclough How long have you been with Telnet? 10 weeks Why Telnet? I’m good at Sales and Telnet needed sales people. So here I am. Sell me this pen *points to pen* – ‘Why would you need a pen?’ Me: I don’t. ‘So how do you write?’ .. (He then asks […]

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  • How much is too much?

    We care. It’s one of Telnet’s biggest statements, so of course compassion in the workplace is a given. But how much is too much before you start to get taken advantage of? Imagine this: It’s your first call of the day, an older woman (who might remind you of your mum) has a son who […]

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