2017 June

  • Sister Companies – Not Twins

    Do you ever go clothes shopping and the person in the store will just not leave you alone?  They want to show you every item in the store, help you try things on and pretend to be interested in your whole life story.  Then in the very next store the person behind the counter might […]

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  • How scripting can go wrong

    Scripts are an easy and common way to remember everything and to ensure that the right process is being followed.   But what are the issues that arise when creating and using scripts?   They’re too long When a Sales person calls or when you call to complain about something, you can tell when something is […]

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  • What can ruin the Customer Experience?

    It doesn’t take much to ruin a great experience. Let’s look at a few things that can take a good experience and turn it into a bad one.   Saying you can’t help When you’re in a department store and so desperately need help, or when you’ve been on hold for what seems like a […]

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  • When we celebrated White Sunday

    Being in a country that is so culturally diverse, it goes without saying that our ‘Telnet family’ is a very blended one. Being aware that White Sunday is something so widely celebrated within New Zealand, we are also aware that there are so many people who have no idea what it is.   We thought […]

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  • How has Customer Service changed?

    Is Customer Service what it used to be? If you go back a few years, you’ll see that Customer Service was very different because of what was available at the time, what the emphasis was put on and the resources that were available at the time (eg. AI).     Let’s start with going over what […]

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  • 2017 CX so far

    What we’ve noticed with Customer Experience in 2017, so far.   It’s becoming increasingly important Some would argue that it’s more important than beating price, products or anything else that you would compete with. People are willing to pay more and travel more – for a better experience.   An increase in assistance Chatbots and AI […]

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