2017 July

  • How to say no while still saying yes

    When  a customer calls us it’s because they need something. They want to reset a password, pay an account or just ask a question. So in this case the old adage “the customer is always right”  doesn’t quite fit. If they really were always right and knew everything they could do these things themselves without […]

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  • Patience – An agent’s responsibility

    Patience, not all callers have it. They want everything and they want you to give it to them right now or else your NPS score will be terrible.  The customer’s time is precious, we know this, but ours is too right? We have average call times to worry about, people waiting in queue and surveys […]

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  • Is a robot after your Job?

    How many people saw that video online about the robot that could hold a conversation with a human? She looked like a woman, had mannerisms, thought about her answers and even blinked. The video went viral and was even on 20/20 but obviously not enough people were paying attention to realise we need to destroy […]

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