2017 August

  • Customer service is a feeling not an action

    When a caller comes through it goes without saying that they can’t see our face, they can’t read our expressions and they can’t monitor our body language. They have only our tone to go off, our inflection and perhaps most importantly, the words of our carefully crafted scripts. Our agents might know those scripts off […]

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  • Are you killing your own industry?

    Who remembers video stores? How about going to Sounds to buy a CD? When you think about it, these times weren’t really very long ago, but when you take a look at VHS’s or CD’s along the technology timeline, it may as well have been in another century. Some people say contact centres are going […]

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  • Quality Assurance, here to help, not hinder.

    Have you ever called a call centre only to be greeted by a recording informing you that your call will be recorded for training purposes? The first time I heard this I was taken aback. My first thought was that the recording would be played in some kind of classroom set up as an example […]

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