2017 October

  • Attitudes are contagious, so what are you spreading?

    We might be leaving the flu season behind but there is something that can be even more contagious and destructive that can’t be prevented by a shot in the arm – a bad mood.   We’ve all had those days, the traffic is heavy, you’re super late and you’ve missed your morning coffee. You’re grumpy […]

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  • Effort Over Talent

    We’ve all seen those glorified talent shows on TV, the ones who pit performers against one another for weeks on end before ultimately deciding to give the prize to the naturally gifted little girl with the angel voice. With the amount of praise society lumps on the naturally talented you might start to think a […]

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  • Disaster Recovery – Expecting the Unexpected

    Shortly after our most recent DR exercise, I took a trip to the US and UK, narrowly avoiding (in both time and location) a devastating hurricane in Texas, a failed terrorist attack in London, and wildfires in California. It’s being close to this sort of thing that brings home to you how important it is […]

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