How scripting can go wrong

Scripts are an easy and common way to remember everything and to ensure that the right process is being followed.


But what are the issues that arise when creating and using scripts?


They’re too long

When a Sales person calls or when you call to complain about something, you can tell when something is scripted because it goes on for what seems a lifetime. When really, all you needed was the bare bones of the conversation.


They’re robotic

When you call to have a query answered or just need information, some scripts don’t allow for the human touch. Again – you can tell when something is too scripted.



The scripts are out-dated

Having scripts is an easy way towards getting Customer Service ‘right’, but scripts do get out-dated. They need to be tested and re-evaluated often.


They’re hard to navigate

We’ve mentioned that putting your customer on hold is a terrible thing. So, we don’t need to go into detail about why, but putting your customers on hold while you find the right script and the right lines will never work in your favour.


They don’t allow for every problem to be fixed

Not having room in the script to add human conversation and allowing spontaneity will bite you when there’s a problem needing to be fixed but there’s no room for smaller problems to be solved.