How to manage your online presence

There is no denying that we are in the age of Social Media and everything is now posted online for all to see and engage.

Your customers are going to look at your Social Media or a site like Yelp, before they decide to do business with you. So, we thought we would help you out with a few tips that will help you control your presence.



Check it

Make sure that you check your Social Media pages. Not only for notifications but trends and reach as well. You can keep track of followers/likes and how people are responding.

Too common at a business there has been an account, or a few, that have been activated but not used. So, it just gets passed on from person to a person who forgets about it or doesn’t have the time. Until, it is just forgotten about and not checked anymore. So, the point here is to not only check but also, to monitor your page/s.


Ignoring bad feedback really isn’t the way to go. Replying to your customers, or at least acknowledging your customers, will ease the tension and give you a chance to explain everything to them.



Make conversation

Engaging in conversation with your customers is a sure way to show that you care. Giving blunt answers or ‘shutting them down’ isn’t always the best option when it comes to trying to show your customers that you care about them.

But draw a line

Turning your page into a chat room means you won’t have control over what is being said all the time. It will become a case of you being outweighed by consumers. So encourage and engage, but draw the line before it gets out of hand.



Have a team

If you have someone or a team (depending on how big your presence is) who will be in charge of replying, engaging and creating content for your page. This means that comments won’t be forgotten about or lost, and that way, the page won’t look so inactive. Strategic planning is made easier and ideas won’t dry out.

Ask for feedback

You need to ask what your customers think of your business. How else would you know? As we keep mentioning, we literally ask our customers! We use NPS, which is offered after every call. On most blogs, we ask for thoughts from our customers. Which leads us to our next point…