Sister Companies – Not Twins

Do you ever go clothes shopping and the person in the store will just not leave you alone?  They want to show you every item in the store, help you try things on and pretend to be interested in your whole life story.  Then in the very next store the person behind the counter might give you a friendly greeting but then they let you get on with it.  You’re an adult after all, you know how to shop, if you need help you’ll ask.

Two stores selling similar things but providing two completely different sales strategies and two completely different customer experiences.  So here’s the twist- they’re both owned by the same company.

Now it’s not unusual for companies to own several different stores under several different names but wouldn’t you assume that if one store is providing one type of service it would make sense to expect the same sort of service in the next store?

In a chain store perhaps, but what if one store offers cheap wares and the other is so up market you only go there when you get a gift voucher for Christmas?

People paying more expect more and people who like no fuss expect no fuss. Not everyone likes to be tailed while shopping. There are many different types of people and they all expect something a little different so it makes sense for a company to have several different outlets to service each demographic.

It’s the same with their call centres. If the company don’t offer that hard sell in store it doesn’t make sense to offer it on the phone. Same goes for a company that is renowned for super hands on service, to treat the caller any other way on the phone would be misrepresenting the client.

So even though we might be answering calls for one company on one line each call might be a little different depending on which store or brand their query is regarding.

Obviously we treat every caller with respect and help them with their queries but for a company with no frills that might be where the call ends while the next call for their up-market sister company might offer additional account maintenance. Its not about who’s paying more, it’s about appealing to the right audience.

When people choose a company or brand they choose a service and it’s our job to make sure they get exactly what they expect.