What can ruin the Customer Experience?

It doesn’t take much to ruin a great experience. Let’s look at a few things that can take a good experience and turn it into a bad one.


Saying you can’t help

When you’re in a department store and so desperately need help, or when you’ve been on hold for what seems like a lifetime, the last thing you need is to finally come into contact with someone who simply says ‘sorry, that’s not my department. I can’t help’ Or something along those lines. Say goodbye to a great customer experience.



Not greeting your customer

Similarly, what will ruin the efforts of giving great customer experience, is failing to acknowledge the customer. Not smiling at or greeting your customer is a fast way to send them away from your business.


Getting annoyed or frustrated

Showing that you are less than happy or less than enthused to be helping your customer will make them feel as though they aren’t wanted in your business. Even if it’s fake, you need to be happy around your customers. They don’t need to know the issues that your company is having.


Putting your customers on hold 

…For too long or too often. No one likes finally getting through to you then having to wait again. Only put customers on hold if it’s absolutely necessary.


Airing your staff issues

If a staff member has done something wrong or you are wanting to have a conversation with them, doing it in front of a customer is a terrible idea! It makes things uncomfortable for your customer as well as your staff. These things need to be done in private.



Not having the staff to tend to the needs of your customers will mean the customer will get frustrated and become unhappy with the whole experience.


Not having the information 

If a customer is coming to you, they expect you to be the expert and to have the information they need. If you don’t, then at least make the effort to get it.