When we celebrated White Sunday

Being in a country that is so culturally diverse, it goes without saying that our ‘Telnet family’ is a very blended one. Being aware that White Sunday is something so widely celebrated within New Zealand, we are also aware that there are so many people who have no idea what it is.


We thought we would take this time to learn about this tradition and to celebrate it as a company.



Leading up to the event, we made posters about the origins and meaning behind white Sunday.


For the day itself, we all dressed in white and had a big shared lunch as a company. Running competitions throughout the day for best dressed, who can tell us the similarities between Mother’s Day and White Sunday, and White Sunday themed trivia questions kept the day full of energy and fun.


Walking away from it all, we learned a lot about a new tradition and culture.


Here are a few pictures of the best-dressed nominees as well as the winners of some competitions we had during the day.


White Sunday is a celebration of children and family which is done at different points in the year, depending on when your culture or church celebrates it.


Because it is based around children, children are given their time to shine with performances, treats, presents and even get to eat first. Speaking of eating, this is the biggest feast of the year for most people who celebrate.


As a company, we decided to focus on educating people what White Sunday was about, how it’s traditionally celebrated and then came up with a way we could all enjoy – dressing in white, having competitions, food and lots of sweet treats for everyone!


A big success for this event was that people who had no idea what White Sunday was, coming into it, now know and understand what it is.


Here are a few pictures of the winners of our competitions during the day, as well as our ‘Best Dressed’ nominees.