Case Studies

  • VIDEO: 2013 Census "Pop-Up" Contact Centre

    The 2013 Census was the first full census for 7 years, and to handle the calls, . Telnet turned the Ballroom of the Stamford Plaza Hotel in the middle of Auckland City into a 170 seat temporary “Pop Up” contact centre. Handling over 40,000 calls on census day itself, with wait times of only 4 […]

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  • Creating the Census 2013 “Pop up” Contact Centre

    So how does a New Zealand contact centre make space for over 200 additional staff to take a massive hit of additional phone calls over predominantly a 3 day period? Oh, and there is to be no disruption to the existing work handled by the centre…. That was the challenge that Telnet’s IS team was […]

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  • Testing the theory – DR Testing Takeaways

    Everyone says you need to do it – hey I even said you should do it, but how many of us do “really” test our disaster recovery processes? I mean from start to finsih, warts and all.  We’ve been testing our plans for years – but somehow never really got to putting everything together into a […]

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  • The partnership story between Z Energy and Telnet

    In 2010, following the purchase of the downstream assets of Shell New Zealand, Z Energy needed a local contact centre partner that would demonstrate the company’s commitment to provide a strong consistent brand that resonates with New Zealanders. They chose Telnet, and have not only improved the experience for their customers, but are saving both […]

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