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  • A New Approach to Learning

    Working on the phones is hard. Not only do our agents need to consistently provide excellent customer service, but they also need to stay on top of new technologies and the new processes that come with them. We want to introduce anything and everything new that will enable us to provide our clients with better […]

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  • Telnet’s solutions for the Energy Industry

    Check out our latest video that we displayed at the Downstream Energy conference this month.

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  • Telnet’s NorthWest contact centre opens for business

    After months of planning and hard work, our additional contact centre in NorthWest (Westgate) was officially opened by Telnet CEO John Chetwynd. This brand new facility is already proving very popular with our staff and clients.

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  • Telnet expands faults services

    Energy News editor Gavin Evans recently interviewed Telnet CEO John Chetwynd on Telnet’s expansion of its fault services for the energy industry. Fault calls are a speciality of Telnet’s that firms in the industry are increasingly happy to let it handle. He says the company has a number of advantages – a 24-hour operation, outbound calling […]

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  • Avalanche call management system used to deal with worst wind storm event in 20 years

    Recent storms in the lower South Island has seen the worst wind damage in the region in 20 years. Unprecedented damage has occurred with gusts of up to 174 kilometres per hour being recorded with the nor-west gales affecting many South Island networks. Over ten thousand customers lost power over a 24 hour period alone. It was most interesting to read about Timaru-based Alpine Energy who […]

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  • Rugby World Cup at Telnet

    The teams at Telnet have well and truly caught World Cup Fever!   Our teams have put together some amazing decorations to kick of the 2015 Rugby World Cup.  It would be fair to say that there is a fairly competitive atmosphere here at Telnet, with every team trying to outdo each other….some teams even approaching embassies to help showcase the […]

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  • Contact centres continue to grow – in size and strategic importance

    Results from the Deloitte 2015 Global Contact Center Survey show that contact centres continue to grow – in size and strategic importance. One of the challenges highlighted by the survey show that channel integration continues to struggle with over 30% of survey respondents having not even partly integrated their channels. Telnet continues to provide innovative SaaS-based solutions that promote channel integration for our clients and […]

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  • Social Media In The Contact Centre

    By David Stott Telnet has been in the business of phone/fax/text mail and email for many years. But today, almost every company fosters a Social Media presence too, and Telnet has tools and resources to help our clients. We were recently tasked with monitoring and responding to Facebook and Twitter posts for one of our […]

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  • The Added Value Gained From The Use Of NPS In A Contact Center

    By David Stott NPS or Net Promoter Score is a simple equation based on a single question asked to callers along the lines of “How willing would you be to recommend this company to others?” – with a simple score between 0 and 10 – with zero being “not at all willing” and 10 being […]

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  • Take a tour of Telnet

    Telnet Promo Video 2011

    Take a tour through Telnet

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