Customer Satisfaction

  • Patience – An agent’s responsibility

    Patience, not all callers have it. They want everything and they want you to give it to them right now or else your NPS score will be terrible.  The customer’s time is precious, we know this, but ours is too right? We have average call times to worry about, people waiting in queue and surveys […]

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  • Is a robot after your Job?

    How many people saw that video online about the robot that could hold a conversation with a human? She looked like a woman, had mannerisms, thought about her answers and even blinked. The video went viral and was even on 20/20 but obviously not enough people were paying attention to realise we need to destroy […]

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  • Focus on your Customers, Innovate CE

    Telnet’s Client Services team has just returned from the Customer 3-1 Forum along with 200+ industry professionals. This years’ theme was “competing on experience to win customers’ hearts” with all presentations having a focus on a combination of the Customer Experience (CE), Digital Experience and Customer Analytics. This slide presented by an International Keynote speaker from a large global technology corporation was a particular favourite and […]

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  • The Added Value Gained From The Use Of NPS In A Contact Center

    By David Stott NPS or Net Promoter Score is a simple equation based on a single question asked to callers along the lines of “How willing would you be to recommend this company to others?” – with a simple score between 0 and 10 – with zero being “not at all willing” and 10 being […]

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  • Telnet team “Has the Passion”

    Telnet was recognised at the 2013 Z Energy Supplier Awards by winning the “Have the Passion Hero Award”.   Telnet won this award for achieving excellent results in customer satisfaction, their commitment to continuous improvement, and being easy to deal with. “It is fabulous for our team to see their hard work and commitment to Z […]

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