Knowledge Management

  • A New Approach to Learning

    Working on the phones is hard. Not only do our agents need to consistently provide excellent customer service, but they also need to stay on top of new technologies and the new processes that come with them. We want to introduce anything and everything new that will enable us to provide our clients with better […]

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  • Social Media In The Contact Centre

    By David Stott Telnet has been in the business of phone/fax/text mail and email for many years. But today, almost every company fosters a Social Media presence too, and Telnet has tools and resources to help our clients. We were recently tasked with monitoring and responding to Facebook and Twitter posts for one of our […]

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  • Knowledge Management increases Customer Satisfaction and reduces AHT at Telnet

    Making it easy for Telnet’s CSRs to deliver superior customer experiences has always been a key focus for us. We recognize that if you provide all the information necessary to satisfy a customer’s query in a readily accessible and useable format then great things happen. The customer experience is enhanced, fewer mistakes are made, and […]

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