ContactSuite CRM

  • Have your Contact Centre in the Cloud

    The operational side of running a contact centre is complex and expensive. By using ContactSuite your organisation can remove these operational burdens and focus on call quality and agent performance.

    ContactSuite is a cloud based system that makes it easy for your organisation to utilise cutting edge contact centre technology without needing to use or buy any of your own technology infrastructure.

    Coupled with our Voice over IP telephony solution you don’t even need your own phones. We have just about every contact centre feature covered; knowledge base, outbound campaign management, complete inbound and outbound call routing, call recording and interaction and case management. Just call us to get connected.

  • Track every interaction

    ContactSuite saves each interaction with every customer, allowing you to build a timeline of contacts with each customer and then banking it into your CRM or database.

  • Integrated Knowledge Base

    Every project has its own individual knowledge base, giving agents the power of information in the heat of the moment and at the touch of a button.

    Our knowledge base is context sensitive, dependable and easy to rapidly deploy.

  • Integrates with your CRM

    We realise the importance of making sure up-to-date data is at your finger tips when you need it.  So we’ve integrated ContactSuite with a number of popular CRMs.  You can also use the ContactSuite API to keep your information updated in other software systems that you might currently be using.

  • Project Builder

    Finally an easy way to create campaigns, upload contact lists, build knowledge bases, screen pops, and more.  Project Builder is the administrators one stop shop for rapidly setting up inbound and outbound projects.

  • Screen Pop Designer

    A customised script, knowledge base, and data capture workflow combined with the client’s branding instantly puts the agents in the right head space and ready to take the call.

  • ContactSuite for Outbound Telemarketing

    Click here to find out more about ContactSuite’s Outbound telemarketing capabilities.



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