Employee Highlight – Leith Harding

What is your name? Leith Harding.

How long have you been with Telnet? 15 years.

What is your role at Telnet? Director, Head of Finance, Head of Compliance, HR.

What were you doing before you came to Telnet, and how did you come to Telnet? I worked with John and Penny at a previous company but when that was taken over, I left and tried something different. I worked at General Electric then chartered accounting. I was just having a coffee with John (CEO of Telnet) one day and said my job was boring, so he asked if I wanted to work with him and Penny (COO) again.

  • I’ve also worked in Insurance and Transport.

What is your favourite thing about Telnet? The people. I love seeing the growth in the company and that Telnet employs people from anywhere in life and from any stage of education. As long as they have a positive attitude, they will fit in and thrive. I love the opportunities that people get and take. I also love that people want to be here.

What motivates you? Getting stuff done. I am a destination person and like things to be orderly. The team at Telnet also motivates me. I think there is a huge amount of responsibility carried by everyone here and it is very admirable.  There’s         a great culture here and it’s very motivating for me.

Do you have any pets? A dog (lab x blue healer) and a cat.

Favourite place to go? Pauanui, because you really can just rest.

Where will you be in 5 years? I hope that my team will grow and take on more of what I am doing, meaning I have more of a steering role.

Do you have a hobby? Fishing.

Something you may not know – Leith left school at 16 and went to uni. In his words, he ‘flopped’ at uni so he decided to work and then went on an OE until he was 20. He then wanted to study something that would give him money and he figured accountants would know about money and so he studied accounting part time for 6 years. Now he is where he is.