Customer first

Customer retention should be the key to any business, or at least successful ones. But how are you meant to ensure that this happens?
Customers are so used to being in an age of technology where everything is instant. All communication is within an hour. Gone are the days where a response within 24 hours was ‘fast.’

real time
In fact, studies have shown that 65% of your customers are wanting real-time communication. This comes in the form of instant messaging or even phone calls. But is your company equipped with this?
Only 15% of companies have the means of communicating in real-time. Yet as little as a 5% increase in customer retention will have an impact of profit by 25-95%.
So with statistics such as those above, it is only fitting that we go over ways to keep customers returning to you.
You need to solve the problems

A common and real life reason that people leave your business and go to another is because their query wasn’t solved, or took too long.

If you are solving queries and giving the help needed, that will significantly reduce any need to find an alternative business.

customer first

Put the customer first
And we mean, genuinely. Go above and beyond. Putting in the little extra effort, wanting to help and actually listening to your customer. At Telnet, that is what we do – for you.


It doesn’t hurt to ask customers what they want, what they think of your service and what can be improved.


When we said listen to your customers, this means many things. It can be knowing that is wrong with a product or service, where they see improvement or even how they want to contact you. We have spoken before about different ways to connect – this is where it comes in. You will need to use the channels that your customers want you to use.