Home working is happening at Telnet

Telnet has been moving towards employing staff that can now work at home.  We have been able to do this due to our Contact Suite  technology, our fantastic online training programme and the talented technology partners that we work with.

This has huge benefits for both our staff and our clients.  The agents who want to work at home are typically more mature and more experienced.  They can work at times that suit them, enabling them to balance their lives around work, study, children and other commitments.  For our clients, access to a nationwide labour pool able to work flexible hours means that we can more readily assign the best skilled agents to work at the times of the day our clients require.

Our at home staff are interviewed online and complete their training online.  Our Contact Suite technology gives them all the information they need to effectively complete their job at their fingertips.  Our homeworkers use exactly the same tools and processes as our in-house agents do, enabling them to provide the same, high quality service your customers receive from our contact centre.

Homeworking gives us access to a whole range of great staff from right around New Zealand that we previously could not have employed in our Auckland based Contact Centre.  It also means that we can bring the benefits of employment with Telnet to communities located in places where good jobs are harder to find.  Everyone wins with our homeworking solution.


If you have the basics of a home landline, broadband internet and a PC/Laptop and think you would like to come and work for us, check out to see if we have any vacancies.