Our Customers

  • Freeview® is a not-for-profit organisation launched by New Zealand’s leading free-to-air broadcasters including TVNZ, Mediaworks, Maori Television, and Radio New Zealand and was established in response to the Government’s announcement that New Zealand would transition from analogue to digital TV.  Freeview was set up to promote the benefits of free-to-air digital TV and radio services in New Zealand.

    Freeview selected Telnet to provide their contact centre services in 2006, largely an information line for calls and emails.  Telnet’s continued support demonstrates adaptability and ever-growing capabilities, particularly in how quickly the Telnet team is able to react to changes in client requirements.

    Telnet’s speedy deployment of an automated response system to assist viewers affected by a broadcaster’s change to its Freeview service helped to minimise impact to the broadcaster, Freeview as well as viewers.  The ability of Telnet’s system to log calls and generate cohesive reporting allowed Freeview to estimate the extent of the impact created by the broadcaster, learn from this incident and make recommendations to the broadcaster on how best to resolve the impact for their viewers.

    Additional support arranged during peak digital switchover weeks helped callers find the best Freeview option for their individual requirements and supported the Government’s digital switchover initiative.

    “Telnet care about our organisation, the viewers and their values echo ours – they believe that keeping free-to-air digital entertainment accessible for all Kiwis is important and often go above and beyond our expectations to provide creative optimisations for us and in turn our stakeholders.” Bel Wang,  Freeview.


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