We believe we can have your project up and running at full speed faster than any of our competitors.

Because we have a strong team of in-house technology experts our systems are carefully designed for flexibility making it incredibly fast and easy for our clients to bring new innovations to the market.

Just as importantly, we facilitate rapid growth without compromising our performance. At the base of this is a large investment in reliable technology that remains flexible enough for each and every client we deal with.

Our technology systems enable routing with appropriate screen pops for all inbound customer service calls as well as, predictive, preview, and power dialling for outbound telesales programmes.  Our agents use screen prompting with real time access to client sites using the internet, Virtual Private Networks and Dedicated Link connectivity.  All designed to facilitate real time information sharing.

Our integrated digital recording of all conversations with on-line search and retrieval enables simple tracking of past conversations. And our web-based system has been developed specifically to provide our agents with an efficient on-line system for call scripting. This user friendly system supports both text and pictures.

Telnet is also able to provide full forecasting and real-time agent requirement expectations using a fully flexible workforce which is automatically rostered around expected peaks in demand.

Our expertise in customer service management has prompted us to create two application suites which can be used for both our staff and yours.

ContactSuite – a Contact management system which is fully integrated into our systems.  This suite is custom designed for all online staff support including knowledge management, call monitoring, staff reviews and time sheet management.

Octopus – Everything you need to manage your own telephony challenges alongside our systems and our support.

These innovations are just a few of our capabilities. If you need to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a comprehensive IT overview from our technology experts.