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  • Effort Over Talent

    We’ve all seen those glorified talent shows on TV, the ones who pit performers against one another for weeks on end before ultimately deciding to give the prize to the naturally gifted little girl with the angel voice. With the amount of praise society lumps on the naturally talented you might start to think a […]

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  • Customer service is a feeling not an action

    When a caller comes through it goes without saying that they can’t see our face, they can’t read our expressions and they can’t monitor our body language. They have only our tone to go off, our inflection and perhaps most importantly, the words of our carefully crafted scripts. Our agents might know those scripts off […]

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  • Sister Companies – Not Twins

    Do you ever go clothes shopping and the person in the store will just not leave you alone?  They want to show you every item in the store, help you try things on and pretend to be interested in your whole life story.  Then in the very next store the person behind the counter might […]

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  • 40 Stats shaping the future of contact centres

    I came across some interesting research that highlights the important role contact centres play in retaining customers.  Click here. The article brings home the ongoing importance of focusing on customer satisfaction. At Telnet we call this “The Care Factor” and we measure it with real-time NPS scores obtained via our IVR at the end of each call. […]

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