• Update the way you feel about change

    In today’s ever-changing business world it is not those who are the strongest nor the smartest that survive, but those who are most adaptable to change. It has been said many times before that we are always looking for new ways to reach out to clients and customers, but at Telnet it’s not just the […]

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  • Homeworkers

    While some of the largest US companies have made moves to ban remote work, Telnet’s legion of homeworkers is getting stronger and stronger. How well can a team really work together if they aren’t actually together? Was the main concern for these companies and ultimately it lead them to favour a more traditional working style. […]

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  • Effort Over Talent

    We’ve all seen those glorified talent shows on TV, the ones who pit performers against one another for weeks on end before ultimately deciding to give the prize to the naturally gifted little girl with the angel voice. With the amount of praise society lumps on the naturally talented you might start to think a […]

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