• ContactSuite CRM

    The challenges of managing customer and contact data have always been a primary focus for Telnet.

    Over the past ten years we have used our own in-house technology to solve many business challenges, making it easier for us to manage the complex customer interactions we deal with every day for our clients.

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  • Business Continuity

    Telnet guarantees a high level of security and the availability of all critical telephony services in the event of failure or disaster to ensure “Business as Usual” applies.
    Alternative physical connections to the telecommunications network through our relationships with Telecom,Vodafone, WxC and other carriers  ensures full redundancy of our access to the telephone network in the event of a failure of one of Telnet’s links.

    Our Computer Servers are designed from the outset to be fault tolerant and highly available, with hot-swappable and hot-standby hardware to provide assurance during any failure.  Our PABX telephony infrastructure is also designed for reliability. Power to IT systems is managed through battery backed uninterruptable power systems,and a dedicated auto-start diesel generator. 

    Telnet takes this a step further, partnering with disaster recovery specialist Plan-B to provide real time online backup and recovery, server and PABX hosting and physical relocation capability in the event of a disaster, to one of Plan B’s nationwide network of recovery locations.

    Telnet has an enterprise-grade unified threat management system, utilising encryption and multi-level password controls to secure access to our computer systems and data.
    Intelligent disk management provides a high level of data integrity and security.  Computer controlled restricted access to the premises is assured, including integrated 24 hour digital video surveillance and recording to our contact centre and building entry/exits.

  • Octopus


    Why incur the expense and time consuming frustrations of setting up a contact centre when you can take advantage of our state-of-the-art virtual telephony systems via the cloud – and be fully operational in weeks, not months.

    Telnet’s innovative Octopus® system gives our clients access to the same contact centres facilities we use – but without all the expensive set up costs!

    With Octopus® we have developed our own contact centre system with our clients in mind.  This means you only pay for what you need, when you need it and have the luxury of being able to focus on optimising contact centre performance with comprehensive real-time reports.

    Benefits include:

    • No capital costs
    • Fast set-up
    • Pay for only what you need via a monthly fee
    • Scale up on short notice
    • Access to the latest contact centre technologies
    • User friendly software
    • No need for PABX
    • 24 /7 support available

    Octopus is very cost competitive against a traditional contact centre.  For a 10 seat contact centre the savings are over $73,000 a year.  And that is before you take into account staff savings from efficiency gains which result from intelligent call routing and better visibility of call patterns and operational performance.

    Read about how this technology was able to help one of our clients, Bosco Connect.

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  • Real-time Reporting

    Our systems enable our agents to gather real-time information when they are talking to your customers.  By accessing your secure reporting portal through Telnet’s website you can get up to the minute reports, data downloads, and statistics from anywhere in the world and analyse it at the touch of a button.

    With Telnet you are always kept fully informed of your campaign progress so you can make the best decisions about your business. By monitoring customer responses in real-time you can adjust your campaign on the fly to maximise results. Our clients aren’t the only ones with real-time information at their fingertips. When fielding enquiries our agents also rapidly access data using Telnet’s own ContactSuite CRM or our client’s own database or CRM system.  By streamlining data updates, Telnet can integrate with clients’ systems using almost any secure technology available.