ContactSuite 3 Outbound Report Samples

Call Breakdown Report

This report shows the outcome of successful outbound contacts made for each of your campaigns.  The report can be used to monitor the success of each campaign and highlight typical buying objections so that you can fine tune scripts and develop objection handlers to overcome buying resistance and increase sales.


Calls Stats Report

This report shows the performance of each agent working on a campaign and tracks their key sales KPIs, such as the number of contacts per hour and sales per hour they make.  When combined with hourly labour costs, these statistics allow you to calculate the cost per sale incurred by each agent.  Variances between agents can be used to identify high and low performers, allowing you to focus on transferring skills and learnings across the team to optimize overall team performance.


Timesheet Data Extract

ContactSuite keeps track of agent login, logout and break times and produces a timesheet data extract file which can be loaded into your payroll system to generate agent payments.  Additional data can be easily added to the extract, for example, the number of sales made by each agent can be used to calculate sales incentives.


Campaign Data Extract

As leads are processed and completed, a data extract can be generated and loaded into other applications for additional processing or manipulation.  ContactSuite can also be directly integrated with other systems to enable a two-way, real-time exchange of information.