When you give Telnet your business, you can be confident you’re working with truly dedicated professionals. We care about your business as if it were our own and in true Kiwi style, you can also be sure that we’ll go the extra mile to get the job well done.


  • We listen

    On first meeting you we undertake a thorough review of your business requirements in order to ensure that the solution we develop for you meets your objectives. Each business is unique and we understand that you have given us a huge responsibility in allowing us to talk directly to your customers. We respect that responsibility and undertake to represent your company in the best possible light.

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  • We deliver

    Anyone can answer a phone call. But it’s what happens during that call that counts. Our in-house systems ensure that our agents are well equipped with the best responses and solutions to your customers queries. No one likes a know-it-all but when it comes to contact centres that’s what our agents are. Our systems make it easy for our agents to respond knowledgeably, enabling them to focus on treating your customers the way you want them to be treated.


  • We innovate

    Telnet is renowned for creating a solution when there previously wasn’t one. Our in-house technology team works tirelessly to create new programmes that will satisfy individual business requirements. We make it our job to deliver the impossible – its what keeps us ahead of the game. Some of our most innovative systems were created as a result of complex customer specific circumstances. Give us a problem and we’ll fix it!

  • Innovate


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  • We analyse

    Operating within an information vacuum is business suicide. Detailed segmenting, reporting, breakdowns and analysis is critical to a business’s success and are key elements of any business relationship we have with our clients. We work with you to analyse all the data we gather as a result of our interactions with your customers. This leads to us helping our clients to create even better campaigns and to achieve greater results.


  • We communicate

    We hold regular meetings with all of our customers to analysis results and to implement continuous improvement initiatives. Many times this has led to a step change in campaign approach and significant improvements in customer outcomes. We make it our business to know yours so we can both make your project successful.

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  • We’re sharp

    Our scale in the industry and long standing relationships with telecommunication providers means we have some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. We ensure that the deals we make with our suppliers are to our clients’ advantage. When we’re negotiating with our suppliers, we’re negotiating for you.  This helps us give you a truly competitive deal that is extremely attractive to your business.


  • We’re flexible

    We know that your business doesn’t stay still. Our state-of-the-art systems can accommodate change quickly and effectively. We also have a proven track record of applying our resources and technology to move rapidly if a campaign needs to expand or contract. For example, we worked with our client Statistics New Zealand and in 3 days we built a “pop up” contact centre with 200 additional staff for the 2013 Census. Our ability to upscale or downscale rapidly demonstrates our ability to foot it with the best in New Zealand’s contact centre industry.

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